Your business involves maintaining many contacts and clients? You have tons of information which is spread into many different databases, systems, spreadsheets? Then you need a comprehensive solution which can store all of this information in one place, automate tasks and give you the necessary reports about the state of your business! SugarCRM is exactly the solution you need!

We highly recommend SugarCRM for the following reasons:

  • Open source: This is a well proven development model and encourages a thriving third party development community to extend the product beyond its core features.
  • Feature set: It stacks up brilliantly against the leading CRMs in the market!
  • Usability: Users love the product .This makes it easy to deploy and get user acceptance across the organisation.
  • Flexibility: SugarCRM is designed in such a way it lends itself to customisation that can be extremely cost effective. This is definitely not the case for many other systems in the market.
  • Cost: SugarCRM is unbeatable value for money as one of the lowest cost solutions in the market.


With SugarCRM you will be able to:

  • Generate Higher ROI on Marketing Activities
  • Increase the Productivity of Your Sales Force
  • Create a Consistent Customer Experience
  • Provide Better Visibility Across the Business
  • Improve Communication and Information Sharing
  • Create Powerful Business Processes Easily

SugarCRM for only 19 eur/month

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